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uDodge:Practice Tool

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Published on: 2018/03/24



Improve your clicking and reaction time! Try out this MOBA inspired practice tool! Support me and my games on Patreon: Apologies for the inactivity, will be back soon with more updates as soon as deadlines are out of the way! Load more
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
uDodge:Practice Tool
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Luis (7123 Gems)

I was playing it on mobile, but the game is not responsive. Can you try to fix it?

iamhere (2200 Gems)

f**k! I played it but I wasn't logged to send the score! Add a sound like a "bing!" when you click to submit the score. nice work. p.s. in the video on youtube I saw the score in the top on the screen, but playing this version I miss it. What happens?

Eugor (2228 Gems)

already in the popular game list? wow. good work!

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uDodge:Practice Tool
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